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Find Your Best Colors

Updated: Apr 19, 2019


First you need to find natural light and make sure you are wearing a neutral top with a low neckline. These are three easy ways that everyone can do at home.

Vein trick - Look at your wrists, and if your veins are blueish you have cool undertones, and if they are more green, you are have warm undertones.Paper trick - Take a white piece of paper, hold it up to your chest area, and if your skin looks more red, you are cool, and if you are more yellow, then you are warm. Jewelry - Go into natural light and hold up a gold piece of jewellery, and a silver piece of jewellery to your skin, and see which one illuminates you more.

Warm undertone outfit White Sweater Sress, $25.90 via Zara | Polka Dot Dress, $79 via Simons | Shoes, $90 via Aldo| Earrings, $105 via Biko

Cool undertone outfit Yellow Dress, $79.90 via Zara | Blue Blazer, $79.95 via Simons | Leopard Bag, $150 via Simons | White Purse, $39.90 via Zara | Silver Shoes, $59.90 via Zara | Earrings, $115 via Biko

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