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Wedding Style Details

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Getting married is a whirlwind of activity. Choices, decisions. invitations, wedding dress, flowers, food, all those things fill your mind and consume your time. But, the wedding day arrives and everything falls into place and all the decisions and choices become one in a wonderful event meant to celebrate the two of you and start you on a new adventure as a married couple. What an amazing day it was. From hair and makeup to walking with my Dad down the aisle, having my friends and family with me, exchanging rings and the first formal kiss as husband and wife, the entire wedding was memorable and the feeling of that day will stay with me forever.

The Ring

One of the biggest decisions in the process of engagement and wedding has to be the wedding rings. That decision was not difficult for us though. Without question Birks was the destination in our search for my wedding ring. An iconic Canadian institution and fine jewelry brand, Birks is known for quality and exquisite jewelry designs and I always knew that one day, when I get married, I wanted a Birks ring on my finger. Birks has a wonderful selection of engagement and wedding rings and we knew we could work with them to find the rings of our choice. Meghan Markle chose a Birks ring for her royal engagement recently so I knew that in choosing Birks we were in good company.

Going through the process of selecting the rings at Birks was an education. Before any final decisions were made, they helped us understand what to look for when investing in diamond jewelry by going through what they call the 4 Cs: Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity. Cut affects how the diamond sparkles, carat is related to weight and price, clarity indicates how free from imperfections the diamond is and colour affects the value.

After looking at several of their diamond rings collections we focused on the Bloom Collection, in their words “designed for a love that is in full bloom”. How romantic is that? We selected a stunning one carat solitaire diamond set on 18 Kt white gold band and added Birks Bloom white gold diamond wedding band to complete the set for the wedding. The set is simple in its elegance, striking and timeless and I absolutely treasure my rings. I plan to add another diamond band to celebrate a special anniversary in a few years. You can find more details about the Birks Bloom collection by clicking here.

The Bouquet

When it comes to flowers, I love natural arrangements and I wanted the same for my bridal bouquet. Luckily for me my BFF Stephanie Saunders, is an amazing decor stylist and when I told her I was getting married she immediately offered to design & style my bouquet. Stephanie creates gorgeous floral arrangements for her various artistic projects and I knew I will have something very special for my big day. The bouquet was gorgeous in its simplicity and detail. Stephanie used ranuncula’s, cream roses, thistle’s, and eucalyptus to create a coral and cream bouquet with a few beautiful greens to frame it. She finished the stems with satin silver ribbon that matched my ring & shoes. I am planning to do something very special with this bouquet, which I will reveal very soon, so stay tuned.

The Dress

As a stylist, you either try on a hundred different dresses, or you know THE dress the moment you see it. It was definitely the latter for me. My dress was designed by Galvan from Net-a- Porter.com. I found it online and it was love at first sight. Since it is light and fits like a second skin, I thought I might need a cover. Not being a traditional bride, I bought a white blazer I could drape over my shoulders, but never really wore it once the evening begun. Now I’ll have the white blazer to wear with my every day outfits, a nice reminder of my wedding day.

A Special Thank-You

I had so many people help make my wedding day extra special.

Beautiful Photography by Erin Leydon.

My Glam Team Makeup by Amy Janisse Hair by Eduardo Mella

Brows by Haley Bogaert Face Wedding Earrings by BIKO

The Location Boehmer Restaurant

In planning the wedding we worked with the lovely Sarah from the Boehmer and the entire experience was fun and easy with their team. Everything was perfect, from appetizers in the beginning, the harvest tables set up, family style platters for dinner, amazing and generous selection of food at dinner, perfect bar set up, transition from ceremony to dinner to dance, and plenty of after dinner bites were all perfectly thought out, prepared and delivered. If you want a chic and effortless wedding, I would put Boehmer on your must visit list.

The Florals

Susan Findlay of Scarlet’s Table did our ceremony florals.

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